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Substance Abuse Counseling for DeSoto County, MS

If you or your loved one has developed an addiction to substances that have begun to prevent you from living the life you want to live, you can find hope and healing through addiction counseling services from the DeSoto Wellness Clinic. Our team of experienced counselors can help during this difficult time so that you or your loved one can heal from the wounds that addiction can cause.

We are eager to provide residents throughout DeSoto County, MS, with counseling services that can help them enjoy their life again free from debilitating addictions. Before you or your loved one’s addiction takes control, let us help with our empathetic care. Read on to learn more about how our substance abuse counseling services can help.

Dedicated Addiction Recovery Specialists

When you or your loved one comes to the DeSoto Wellness Clinic for addiction help and recovery services, you can rest assured that we will always treat you with respect. We understand the complexities and incredible pain that substance abuse can cause. We understand that bringing yourself to counseling is the first major step in your recovery journey.

Our clean and organized facility can put your mind at ease as we work with you to get to the root cause of your addiction. Oftentimes, old and unresolved emotional wounds lead us down the path of addiction. Our counselors can discuss your needs and the events that have led to your addiction, and then they can help you create a plan to heal.

We strive to form a lasting relationship with our clients so that we can work together as a team to overcome addiction. Our top priority is the hopeful future that we see ahead of you or your loved one. We want to ensure that the future you deserve becomes a reality.

Inviting Wellness Facility

Reach out to the DeSoto Wellness Clinic today to learn more about our services, and schedule a visit with one of our caring and inviting addiction recovery specialists.


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